A letter to my future self

Dear future me,

When you read this, I will be long gone, transformed rather. Wherever you are right now, whatever it is you are doing, I hope that you are happy and have no regrets. You deserve to be free, and you deserve to be as alive as your heart is. I hope you’ve taken on the lifestyle that your spirit encompasses. I hope you have emerged a brave warrior from your encounters with life’s problems. I hope you have not given up your faith even when giving up seemed easier. I hope that you still dream every night and have reasons to believe. I hope you are doing what truly makes you happy, what essentially makes you feel alive. I hope that you have inspired people because if you take a trip down memory lane, you will realize that inspiring people was the main aim of your life.

I know that you are so much more beautiful than me. Your personality is a splattered charisma of mixed emotions and wavering moods, and your soul is a beautiful expanse of cosmic pureness; and it is so much better than the rigidly successful character I once aimed for. I want you to always remember that you are worth it and you don’t have to do anything to show it. I want you to be with the people who love you and appreciate you. Lastly, I want you to love yourself more than anyone else despite your imperfections. Even if it is hard to accept it, you are beautiful and no one can tell you otherwise.

All I have right now is hope and time. So when you read this letter, I hope that you smile, because you made it.



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  1. mypoeticjourneysite says:

    Creative and imaginative..👌

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