Why I like ‘The fault in our stars’

This book is one of the best I’ve ever read. John Green does a wonderful job of showing a very real side to illnesses, and also a very real side to teenagers in general. This is not a true story, but it is inspired by a real girl named Esther Earl who lost her battle to cancer when she was sixteen.
The Fault in Our Stars is a novel by author John Green. The story follows the main character, Hazel Grace Lancaster, as she battles cancer. Not only is Hazel trying to live the normal life of a 16-year-old girl, but she is also struggling with what it will be like for her parents after she dies. While Hazel attends a church support group for cancer survivors, she meets a boy that is one year older than her, Augustus Waters. While Augustus had a type of cancer that causes him to lose his leg and wear a prosthetic, it also has a survival rate that is much higher than Hazel’s death sentence.

From the first day that Hazel meets Augustus, the two are practically inseparable. The basis of their relationship ends up being Hazel’s favorite book, An Imperial Affliction. She requires Augustus to read it and in turn, he requires her to read the book that is the basis of his favorite video game. Hazel relates to the character in her favorite book, Anna, because Anna has a rare blood cancer. Augustus and Hazel bond over the book because both of them  have a burning desire to find out how the story ends as the author stops the book before providing conclusion on what happens to each of the characters.

Augustus joins Hazel’s pursuit of the book’s author, Peter Van Houten, to provide the answers that they need. Augustus even uses a wish foundation to fly him and Hazel to Amsterdam, where the author lives, to talk with him in person. While Hazel is the one that is doomed to die, Augustus ends up telling Hazel that at his recent scan, the doctors discovered that his entire body is filled with cancer. Hazel spends the last months of Augustus’s life caring for him and loving him.

Many people might say that this book reaches out to only those with an illness, but I disagree. No matter who reads this book, I think they relate with some character in some way. There are parts of this story that are extremely sad, and we see the two main characters, Hazel ans Augustus go through the entire spectrum of emotions. This book made me smile , it made me cry and in a way that can’t be explained, it just had me satisfied.



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  1. Veena says:

    Yes, this book reaches out to all.

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