I write simply because penning down different combinations of 26 letters elicits a certain sense of joy and triumph that compares to no other feeling in this world. I write to give the thoughts in my head a voice, an identity. But the simple reason why I chose writing over anything else is because when I write, I feel like I’m home, I feel like I embrace the real me.


Write until your lungs hurt
Write until your soul burns
Write until your mind breaks
Write until your heart aches

Write until the pain goes
Write until you find home
Write until you feel alive
Write until you want to die

Write until that’s your only escape
And after that, you write again


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  1. Priyanka.S says:

    This is a really emotive poem indeed!:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shilpa sudheer says:



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