A trip to remember

Some experiences change your life forever. The 5 day trip to Goa with my batch mates was such a trip. It was more than just the place, the beaches, the conversations and the food. It changed me as a person and is undoubtedly a trip with memories I will cherish forever.

A trip to remember

We packed our bags
We were standing, ready
We got into the train
We started our journey

We hoped for a perfect trip
But we got something better
Something more realistic
Something that would last forever

Real emotions and photographs
Fights and beautiful sceneries
Long talks and warm hugs
Fake candids and reality

Sandy beaches and friendships
Partying and happiness
Sheer excitement and memories
DJ nights and nervousness

Capturing sunsets, running and playing
In temples and churches we stood, praying
Singing our hearts out in the bus, loudly
Enjoying and relishing all of the delicacies

We were put on an emotional roller coaster
We came out as one, strong
We found who our true friends were
The ones who stayed all long

Sharing rooms and calling dibs
These were the things we were going to miss
Staying up late and ranting about life
These five days we knew, would never die

~An Aesthete


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