Why Poets Write

I write a lot of poetry and am often encountered with the same question- “Why poetry?” I usually just shrug my shoulders and give a polite smile. But really, why do poets write? What is it about rhyme schemes and metaphors that entice the soul inside me?
As ironic as this sounds, I’ve written another poem to answer this question.

Why Poets Write

Poets write to evoke emotions
To stir hearts, and to
Make their life purposeful

Poets write to transcend
Far from home and reality
And into, deep and unreal fantasies

Poets write to escape
Heartache and other horrors
Death and painful sorrows

Poets write, they write to fight
The war inside their heart
And the hurricane in their head

Poets write with blood and metaphors
Through their shattered thoughts
Through imagery and patterns

Poets, they don’t write for the fame
They just write to express
The feelings in their veins


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  1. Amogh says:

    👌👌👌We Poets are the best 😎

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    1. thank you so much ^_^

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  2. Aishwarya says:

    Hi Gayathri, I wandered my way to your blog and it’s wonderful to read your work and to be able to connect in this space. Interesting though is the fact that the article I read right before I wandered here talked about how poetry is no more and rhyme and reason, how it has been urbanized. It also talked about how and why poetry needed to be about metaphors and deeper meaning. Does poetry always have to mean what it doesn’t say?
    I am a fan of poetry, especially poetry in Urdu and so I am also a fan of linguistic miracles and metaphors. But strangely when I write, I write both kinds of poetry – metaphorical and literal. What do you think about this?
    Looking forward to reading more of your poetry 🙂

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    1. Hey Aishwarya!
      Firstly, thank you for reading what I’ve written and saying such lovely things 🙂
      Writing is a form of art that doesn’t have many rules. Today, one can write something without a metric scheme and something as casual as a conversation. It is true, many poems now don’t follow any kind of rhyme or pattern. Poetry is written for many reasons, one of them being to bring out deeper meaning in something. So in my opinion one can write poetry with or without a rhyme scheme and still have it take the form of an allegory.
      I think this is the wonderful thing about poetry, there aren’t many rules. It’s all about what comes from deep within your heart 🙂
      And I would love to read some of your work too! Good day!


      1. Aishwarya says:

        Hi Gayathri, I agree with you mostly. But I feel that the deepest parts of our heart need not just take the form of poems, any piece of writing is to express or at least it is to me. In this context, I remember one of Piyush Mishra’s couplets – sukoon milta hai do lafz kagaz par utaar kar, cheekh bhi leta Hoon aur awaz bhi nahin Hoti! I hope you understand Hindi but if you don’t, here’s a weak attempt at translation – it is satisfying to spill a few words onto paper, I can scream my heart out and yet be unheard!

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        1. Yep, poetry isn’t the only form of expression.. Any for of art could be used to convey what lies deep within our soul.
          I do speak Hindi, not that I’m very good at it. And those lines are beautiful and so true


  3. “Poets write to escape
Heartache and other horrors
Death and painful sorrows” yes! Yes! Yes! You nailed it!

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    1. Thank you so much! :”)

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  4. Veena says:

    Poets write to give expression to unspoken thoughts which they find difficult to communicate with all and sundry . You have really written a beautiful post.

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    1. very true!
      and thank you 🙂

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