Feminism is the new ‘F-word’?

“Equality is not a concept. It’s not something we should be striving for. It’s a necessity. Equality is like gravity, we need it to stand on this earth as men and women.”

Dear anti-feminists,
You try to calm our outrage
You dull our indignation
And make us the object of your disdain.

We’re here to fight for equality
Feminists are NOT misandrists
You say we resemble the devil, and
At us, you hurl prodigious abuses

We still live in a world
Where ‘no’ means ‘convince me’
Where ‘frail’ is synonymous with ‘woman’
Where ‘feminists’ are a hated ethnicity

Society always told us,
To wear our tops up high
To avoid the streets after nine
To hide even the slightest hint of our thighs

Because those “few men” consider,
our bodies as their territory
Land they can invade and conquer
Without ammunition or artillery

Is it because our thighs are unguarded borders?
Or because our clothes provoke unbidden guests?
Is it our trembling mien?
Go ahead, justify yourself

This is NOT an all men thing
Trust me on this, I know
But when I turn on the news channel
My heart sinks in sorrow

I’ll continue to believe in feminism
The long overdue revolution
We will fight with all our might
Until women and men have equal rights.


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